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A simple, yet useful concept that engages developers with users to solve errors

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Once we are aware of your issue, we quickly proceed to taking care of it


Users are notified as soon as the problem has been solved and a solution was found

Epic Logger is here

Epic Logger has been created to help users around the world deal with problematic errors on their websites.

The concept is fairly simple, yet highly efficient, focusing around one of its most cool features which is to notify users and keep them up to date with the progress twards solving their issue.

Hear what others have to say

SHARIF BOUKTILA, Founder at TableBookings

Epic Logger is amazing! Helped me fix an error on my website very fast! Not to mention I was notified automatically when the solution was found.

Just add a few lines of code
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Complete the form with the required info
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Initial integrations for our 1.1 version

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